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WHAT IS dollhouse
dance factory?

 Dollhouse Dance Factory is a spectacular dance school that offers a variety of classes for ages 3-18 for all levels of dance. Dollhouse Dance Factory was featured on Lifetime's Hit Show Bring It as the home of DD4L however Dollhouse is so much more! Dollhouse offers classes for building our youth in all areas to assist in meeting dance goals. Our young dancers ages 3-4 are eligible to take Pre Ballet, Intro to Dance and More. We LOVEEEE Intro to dance! This class gives our incoming new little ones the opportunity to get accustomed to being in class all while learning the basic dance steps so as they grow through the company their dance can and will evolve. Dancer normally begin our Pre classes at age 5, move on to beginner classes at 8 and gradually transition into advanced classes at age 11. Classes offered are: Ballet, liturgical, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Majorette, Hip Hop, Tumbling, Pom and more! Each year our class schedule and course curriculum can change. Registration is a 1 time $35 fee that covers each dancer with a LIFETIME membership at Dollhouse. Monthly tuition prices vary based on Class choices. Dollhouse also offers bundle deals for each class as well . The more you take the less you pay!

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